pastor jeff husband and family
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Pastor Jeff Husband & Family

We are a non-denominational, 
Bible preaching/teaching 
conservative church, with a traditional
worship style and a reverential atmosphere.

We are a family oriented church 
in a beautiful country setting!

Logan Community Church

17270 South Gerber Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
Get Directions - (503) 631-2551

Logan Community Church
Mission Statement
& Leadership

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Logan use to be my church
with great teaching.
I loved the people there.

My Missions Work now
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We would like to invite you
to come worship the one
true God with us.

  9:30am. - 9:45am. Prayer; everyone welcome
  9:45am. - 10:45am. Sunday School for all ages
  11:00am. Worship Service

7:00pm - 8:00pm Family Bible study.

logan church building

What a blessed privilege it is to serve in the midst of a loving and united body of believers.
I will continue to dedicate myself to the building up of this body, that they may be equipped to share the wondrous love of our glorious Savior with a world that desperately needs it.

Lies disguised as truth have tremendous power to deceive

You need to know how to hear the truth and test it. The Bible tells us the Spirit was sent
to guide us into all truth. (John 16:13) Part of his job is to bear witness to the truth.
God told us not to lean to our own understanding but to acknowledge him.
The natural mind cannot understand the things of the Spirit.
Are you listening to the Holy Spirit or are you listening to your mind?

Every Christian needs these tools: Click Here
Had I had these two books early on in my Christian walk "My Sheep Hear My Voice"
and "Sound Doctrine" I could have been on my way to knowing Gods love much sooner.

My understanding is much better now, as the key is in love.
Many teachers lack the love of the Father! I recommend the book Sound Doctrine to every teacher,
then they will understand the importance of love and then teach the same to the congregation.
Then you will have love for one another and true fellowship and incredible growth.
Gods Blessings to each of you and do visit Logan it is a nice church. Adrian Mathews