The Video: "A Sermon That Has Angered Many" ~Pastor Paul Washer

Sign of the Times
Death of Fish and Animals Worldwide:
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Many falling away from the church
just like the Bible says in the Last Days.

The Signs are all around us Earthquakes, Fires,
Volcanoes, Weird Storms, Natural Disasters,
Financial Crises, Rumor of Wars, etc.

So get Plugged into a body of Believers!

Mathews Nursery (A Christian School) - Update August 2019
God is So Good ALL THE TIME!

Help us to help this Film Project: Feel great for being a part of a great project! Fight Like Ana - Click Here
Watch the video then help with $5 / $25 or more!

Fight Like Ana is the story of a young woman stripped of everything, and how her faith
and family gives her the strength to overcome incredible adversity. Reborn like a young child,
she learns to walk again, to speak again, to navigate the difficult road to recovery.

My Favorite Quote: "You get ahead in life by being helped along the way by others...
By you helping others along the way".

Mathews Nursery as of August 2019

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Our First Year starting in 2015

Sermons Online that I Like: The Brooklyn Tabernacle